The compound is applied with either brush, roller or a high pressure airless industrial sprayer...

The compound is applied with either brush, roller or a high pressure airless industrial sprayer. It’s extreme brilliance, allows maximum U.V and heat reflection giving an increased service life to the substrate. ALUPASTE may be used directly on most roofing systems as well as weather protection on bituminous waterproofing sheeting and compounds.
ALUPASTE is a heavy duty aluminised bituminous waterproofing compound ALUPASTE offers excellent refurbishing qualities on existing bitumen roofing felt applications.

The product is supplied in 5Lt and 25Lt drums and should be used within six months of the date indicated on the container. Thorough, stirring is required before & during use ALUPASTE must be stirred well, with a flat paddle, before and regularly during application. Deviation from the specified instructions will automatically invalidate any claim against non performance of the product, which in all circumstances, is restricted to replacement of product proven defective.


  • Colour
  • Application
  • Coverage
  • Total Solids
  • Specific Gravity
  • Aromatic content
  • Flash Point
  • Drying Time
  • Cleaning
  • Flammable
  • Surface Preparation


  • Silver
  • Application: Brush, roller or spray.
  • 6.5m2/L
  • +/- 60%
  • +/- 1.2
  • <10%
  • 380c
  • Minimum 30 minutes at 25ºC at 65% R.H. (Between Coats)
  • Cleaning can be achieved with thinners, benzine or general hand cleaner to remove spots or spillage.
  • Flammable when wet; observe all fire and ventilation precautions.
  • All forms of surface contamination must be removed to ensure a smooth surface, free of any loose material, or any other barrier to adhesion. Steel and galvanised steel surfaces must be free of loose paint, grease, grime, oil and rust. Bituminous surfaces and torch on membrane surfaces must be free of dust and all loose material.